Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Original Fine Art Watercolor Painting of a White Magnolia in Hawaii

original watercolor on paper
22 x 30
by Colleen Sanchez

This is the second magnolia of the pair I had planned. I work in a gorgeous tropical garden about 30 hours a week and after babying this bush it came back to life and gave some beautiful blooms. The morning light was perfect and I caught some great resource shots to use in the studio. I'm lucky to have wonderful inspirations around me every day when I go to work. This painting will also be headed off to Nohea Gallery in Honolulu soon.

Painting the color of light.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Original Watercolor Painting of a Large White Magnolia by Colleen Sanchez

an original watercolor painting on paper
22" x 22"
by Colleen Sanchez
Finished the first magnolia painting of a pair I'm working on. I always love the challenge of painting white. This time I glazed the petals so I didn't get too dark too soon. More time consuming but I was so happy with my drawing I wanted to take it easy. This will be heading to Nohea Gallery in Honolulu once I have the rest of my planned group of paintings done.

Painting the Color of Light