Saturday, January 30, 2016

Original Watercolor Painting on Paper, Plumeria Flowers, by Colleen Sanchez

Plumeria In Pink

Original Watercolor Painting on paper
22 x 14
by Colleen Sanchez

Painting the Color of Light

This weekend I decided to rework this plumeria flower painting that I had done several years ago and was never quite satisfied with. I'm not sure any artists are ever really satisfied with their art, I think thats why we keep on taking on the challenge to improve and sometimes go back in and play with an old painting to see where it takes us. Maybe I've gone too far with this one, but it looks better than before and better captures the light and color I witnessed the day I saw these plumeria, but not too thrilled with the changes I made to the background, so this one goes into the not successful folder. Learning is what its all about when painting so we have to accept the failures too.


  1. Take it back out of the bin - this is gorgeous and not a failure at all. Sometimes I think artists aren't thrilled with a perfectly beautiful painting because it doesn't fit the image in their mind, not because it isn't good.

    1. Thanks Jan. I'm not tossing it, just keeping it as an example of what not to do. Have a wonderful day.