Saturday, December 10, 2016

Original Miniature Dog Oil Painting by Colleen Sanchez

Yes that is really her name.

Original Oil on Canvas Board by Colleen Sanchez
8 x 6

A friend recently challenged me to step out of my artistic box and try something different. So I'm going all in with oils and starting off with painting some animals. I've never painted animals before so I was thrilled that this one of my daughter's dog turned out. I enjoyed working on it so much I'm planning on attempting some wildlife too. Thanks for taking a look.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Original Landscape, Seascape Painting, Waikiki, Hawaii by Colleen Sanchez"

22 X 30
Available for purchase

Another painting completed for the Urban Honolulu Series I am currently working on. This scene is in Waikiki. I'm really enjoying working on skies, water, trees and people. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Original Tropical Floral Watercolor Painting by C. Sanchez

Original watercolor on paper
by Colleen Sanchez
22" x 30"

Painting the color of Light

So lucky to live in a tropical place where opportunities to view gorgeous blooming trees and bushes is practically a year round delight. This painting will be heading off to the framers soon and then be available through Nohea Gallery at Ward, Honolulu HI.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Original Tropical Landscape Painting by Colleen Sanchez

"Going For It Anyway"
original watercolor painting on paper
by Colleen Sanchez
22" x 30"

Starting a new series with a focus on urban Honolulu, Hawaii.  During one morning walk I came across some really cool scenes in Waikiki where people were getting on with their water sports regardless of this great big sand dredger working the area. With the tides the sand moves off the shores, so once in a while it has to be put back so the locals and visitors have sandy beaches to enjoy while here in Waikiki.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Original Waikiki Tropical Painting by Colleen Sanchez

"Our Beach"
an original watercolor painting
by Colleen Sanchez
watercolor on paper
22 x 30

A little slice of heaven in our neighborhood. The second painting I completed for our condo lobby in Waikiki. Thought it would be a fun way to brighten up our newly painted lobby. Learned so much from this painting, I'm now really inspired to do more urban landscape pieces.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Original Fine Art Watercolor painting by Colleen Sanchez

original watercolor painting on paper
8 x 8
by Colleen Sanchez

Painting the Color of Light
This is a recent small original watercolor I painted for a very helpful co-worker. My day job as a gardener can sometimes entail heavy physical work and many times I require help so I don't damage myself. The reference for this small painting is from his favorite Hibiscus that I introduced into the garden. Hope he likes it. Off for framing this week, I hope.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Original Fine Art Watercolor Painting of a Pink Hibiscus from Hawaii, by Colleen Sanchez


Original watercolor painting
by Colleen Sanchez
22 x 22

Had some time to finally complete the pink hibiscus of the pair I was working on this spring. I'm quite please with the petal turns on this one. The work was time consuming but I love the end result. Enjoy. This painting will be available at Nohea Gallery in Honolulu.

Painting the Color of Light.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Original Fine Art Watercolor Painting of a White Magnolia in Hawaii

original watercolor on paper
22 x 30
by Colleen Sanchez

This is the second magnolia of the pair I had planned. I work in a gorgeous tropical garden about 30 hours a week and after babying this bush it came back to life and gave some beautiful blooms. The morning light was perfect and I caught some great resource shots to use in the studio. I'm lucky to have wonderful inspirations around me every day when I go to work. This painting will also be headed off to Nohea Gallery in Honolulu soon.

Painting the color of light.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Original Watercolor Painting of a Large White Magnolia by Colleen Sanchez

an original watercolor painting on paper
22" x 22"
by Colleen Sanchez
Finished the first magnolia painting of a pair I'm working on. I always love the challenge of painting white. This time I glazed the petals so I didn't get too dark too soon. More time consuming but I was so happy with my drawing I wanted to take it easy. This will be heading to Nohea Gallery in Honolulu once I have the rest of my planned group of paintings done.

Painting the Color of Light

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vibrant Hybrid Hibiscus, in an original watercolor painting, by Colleen Sanchez

an original watercolor on paper
22 x 22
by Colleen Sanchez
Finished the first painting of a pair of hybrid hibiscus blooms I have planned. One of the wonderful things about living in Hawaii, I get to see so many gorgeous hybrids created by a few hibiscus experts we have in the islands. I hope you enjoy seeing my representation in paint, this gorgeous specimen.
This original painting is going to be at Nohea Gallery, Honolulu in a couple weeks.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Glowing Painting of a Double Hibiscus Flower, an original Watercolor by Colleen Sanchez

She Glows
an Original Watercolor on paper
by Colleen Sanchez
19 x 19

Painting the Color of Light

I had another older watercolor painting of a hibiscus flower that I kind of liked but knew it needed something. So, today I decided to try reworking this one too. Much happier with the results, she really does glow and more closely matches her original title. Sometimes it does pay off to hold onto the odd so-so painting as you never know when new inspiration will strike you.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Original Watercolor Painting on Paper, Plumeria Flowers, by Colleen Sanchez

Plumeria In Pink

Original Watercolor Painting on paper
22 x 14
by Colleen Sanchez

Painting the Color of Light

This weekend I decided to rework this plumeria flower painting that I had done several years ago and was never quite satisfied with. I'm not sure any artists are ever really satisfied with their art, I think thats why we keep on taking on the challenge to improve and sometimes go back in and play with an old painting to see where it takes us. Maybe I've gone too far with this one, but it looks better than before and better captures the light and color I witnessed the day I saw these plumeria, but not too thrilled with the changes I made to the background, so this one goes into the not successful folder. Learning is what its all about when painting so we have to accept the failures too.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hibiscus Flower Painting in White by Colleen Sanchez

Light Seeker
Original Watercolor on Paper
8 x 8
by Colleen Sanchez

I wanted to paint one of the white hibiscus I had done before by changing it up a bit in terms of direction and background. This one will not be for sale, as I'm gifting it to a special person. Still enjoyed the challenge of painting the colors of white, it takes a little more attention than painting in color. The rich dark background enhances the white flower, showing to its best advantage. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Original Landscape Painting, Hawaii Scene by Colleen Sanchez

On The Ala Wai, Waikiki
Original Watercolor on paper
Colleen Sanchez
22 x 30

Finished this full sheet watercolor landscape I've been working on off and on for a while. Its one of three neighborhood paintings I'm doing for our condo building lobby. The board members are happy with it, so off to the framers this month. I struggled quite a bit with this painting, attempting things I've never done before, but I never gave up on the work and gladly so. I think the next one will be a little less stressful, but I guess I'll never stop beating myself up a bit as I work through each painting. Just the nature of being an artist I suppose.