Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Second Watercolor for Peace Painting

Into the Light No.2
Original Watercolor Painting
10 x 8
by Colleen Sanchez

I have a day job working in a gorgeous tropical garden. I love my job, but it does make it challenging to do my second job, painting which I love even more. This morning I'm off so I was finally able to finish this second watercolor for peace. This painting will be heading off to Nohea Gallery in Honolulu. Have a peaceful weekend everyone.


  1. Lovely! I wish you a weekend of Peace as well, Colleen! Aloha

  2. Amazing work and I love the details that you have created. The light and shadow play, the colours , it is all so perfect. I am interested in knowing about the papers and colours used by you. As of now I am into pastels but love to restart my watercolours again. Your works are truly inspiring.

    1. Thank you Manju for the positive comments on my work. Interesting that you are looking at doing watercolor again, while I am now ready to start doing some work in soft pastel. I use arches CP 140LB and 300LB, depending on how much wet into wet I think I may do. Many of my colors are the basics but for flowers I also like to use some of the quinacrodone colors. I think they are so lovely and luminous when I am portraying the light on the delicate petals. Aloha.