Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fiber Art in Nuno Felting and Fabric Painting

My Nuno Scarf Design

I tried painting earlier this year a couple months after I lost my husband but it just didn't work. I realized I just wasn't ready, far too emotional to get anything onto the support so I had to put my painting supplies away for a while and when I could, worked with the comforting nature of fibers instead. 

This fall I booked a trip to Canada to visit my daughter Tracy and family for the Canadian Thanksgiving. Her birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year too, which made the trip extra special. We were also a bit spoiled by my son-in-law and grandson who did all the cooking that day. It's hard sometimes to be so far away from them, but it does make our visits back and forth extra special.

Tracy knows my first love was in the fiber arts, so she booked a special Nuno Felting workshop with a very talented fiber artist for the two of us while I was there. I was so impressed with the instruction provided by Judith Dios. She explained the techniques so clearly and gave us guidance throughout the day so we both came a way with a unique piece we each designed ourselves. Its actually the first workshop I've ever attended where I came away with something so gorgeous. Of course it did help with the design process that both my daughter Tracy and I are artists and able to apply our visual skills to the designs of our scarves. Judith was kind enough to allow us to complete the additional half day painting process the same evening so that we could complete our projects.

The method Judith uses is a lot easier on the hands than other methods I've been taught in the past, so I hope to continue with the Nuno felting in future. I've got so many ideas and it is a rather comforting way to be creative. The combination of silks and wools can give so many different effects and textures. This scarf is almost 3D. It's actually very light too and could be worn even on warm days.

I hope you'll visit Judith's site. Her work is amazing and she has won many awards and accolades. She gives workshops on beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. The demand for her workshops is high so she has recently started online workshops as well. This is perfect for people who just can't get to the island. Please visit her SITE to see her work or for more information about her wonderful technique for wearable art. 

Close up details
I will be painting again soon. I have recently brought out my painting supplies and prepped several supports. I'll be working in watercolors and also trying to learn more about oil painting. Wish me luck.


  1. Aloha Colleen,
    I enjoyed this post immensely. Your scarf is beautiful, and I can see why you are so taken with fiber artwork. I visited Judith's site - what exquisite work! I must have a look at her work, as I am just outside of Vancouver myself.

  2. I was delighted to find this post after it showed up on my blog app! Thank you so much Colleen, for your very kind and sweet words and for taking the time to write about your workshop experience. I was honored to teach you and your daughter and it was such a pleasure to spend the day with you both. (T is amongst my dearest and favorite people on the Island!) Thank you for taking the workshop from me and I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous watercolor artistic creations, in fibre and on paper, in the future and to seeing you again when you come for another visit.

  3. Colleen this scarf is just beautiful! What a wonderful reminder to have of your visit with your daughter. I look forward to seeing you get back into painting. Best.

  4. Greetings from Montreal, Colleen...this scarf is gorgeous!


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